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Petitioning Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods for Germany FUNimation and Toei Animation and 1 other

FUNimation und Toei Animation: Eine Deutsche Synchronisierung für Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Wir haben alle lange auf diese Petition gewartet. Die Nachfrage ist unglaublich groß. Wir möchten alle für Dragonball Z - Battle of Gods eine Deutsche Synchronisierung haben. Bitte unterzeichne, wenn du auch dafür bist.


Letter to
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods for Germany FUNimation and Toei Animation

we are the german Dragon Ball Z fans. This petition is for a german dub from the movie Dragonball Z - Battle of Gods.
We want accomplishment at the highest stage.
Because its my childhood dream that sometime an new dbz movie will be come out.
And the message, that battle of gods will be realeased on 03.30.2013 was a very good message to us.
So my pleasure to you is, that you will make an German dub.

We look forward to your response.

With kind regards yours sincerely
Dragon Ball Z german Fans