Make an English Version for Dragon ball Z Revival of "F"

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Dragon ball is one of the most popular and successful and franchises out there.  Dragon ball has become a lot more popular ever since the last Dragon ball Z movie: Battle of Gods which hit very hard last year.

As a die hard Dragon ball Z fan, I was very excited when I heard there was a new movie being released with Freiza's revival.  But the only problem is, as an English speaking fan, there is no dub yet and I and many dragon ball z fans would love the movie to have an English dub very soon.  Even few other countries are having the movie released around April.  I know the movie isn't out yet and I know they will dub it for sure, but we don't want to wait over 12 months like we did with Battle of Gods.

Dragon ball Z dub is amazing and the dub is better than the Japanese version, so this is another reason why we would love to have a dub.

Please sign and share this petition, show FUNimation how much we as die hard dragon ball z fans want a dub, lets do this!  Dragon ball Z is love, Dragon ball Z is life!

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