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Funding for Neuro-Nano Technology Research in the United States

One in six people worldwide are affected by neurological disorders. The Neuro Nano Research Petition asks for government funding for nanotechnology research in the field of neurology. Animal studies at Lund University, Sweden have successfully formed synapses between animal nerve cells and carbon-based "nano tubes." These nano tubes are capable of acting as a bridge for neurological impulse conduction.
What does this mean in simple English? We are close to reaching a new medical breakthrough with the potential to re-wire the brain and re-wire the central nervous system. This has the possibility of curing any and every neurological disorder. The goal of this petition is to bring everyone who is affected by a neurological disorder under one roof, and tell the U.S. government that our time is NOW. We should not be behind Sweden in Neuro Nano Research. We should be leading the way. Please sign the research petition, forward it to friends, share it on Facebook, and END NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS for future generations. Thanks for your support.

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Hello, this petition was started by Johnathan Murphy from Thousand Oaks, California. Johnathan has a two year old daughter with epilepsy. Her specific diagnosis is infantile spasms. From April 2012 to May 2013, she has had thousands of seizures and spent months of her life inside a hospital. Currently, her only corrective option would be a hemispherectomy, and she would lose the use of her left hand and foot. Johnathan started this petition when he discovered research being done at a small University named Lund in Sweden. At Lund University, researchers have been successful with fusing animal neurons with hybridized carbon "nano-tubes" capable of conducting electricity. They have essentially accomplished the formation of new synapses in vivo and in vitro using animal subjects. This type of breakthrough is what ONE SIXTH of the world's population who are affected by neurological disorders have been waiting for. It is a building block that will ultimately solve the medical puzzle for every neurological disorder that plagues mankind. It is the first step to replacing dysfunctional nerve cells, anywhere in the brain or body, with microscopic "smart" carbon-based nanotechnology. As the world's most powerful nation, we should not fall behind an obscure University in Sweden for research that is so meaningful to over 1 billion people worldwide. This petition calls for federal funding for Neuro Nano Research in the United States. As someone who is affected by a neurological disorder, I support it. Please support our cause to eliminate neurological disorders for future generations in the United States and worldwide.

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