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Fund the healthcare of those poisoned by Flint’s water

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Michigan’s government failed the people of Flint when officials decided to switch the city’s water source to the Flint River. The river water was so polluted, it corroded the outdated lead pipes leading into residents’ homes. The result has been tragic: thousands of residents, including as many as 12,000 children, may now be suffering from lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning does not go away. It stays with people for life, often leading to crippling developmental problems, chronic health issues, and even death. Many of those impacted in Flint are impoverished. They don’t have easy access to the medical care they need. And even if they do find care, Flint’s residents shouldn’t have to foot the bill for what could be a lifetime of medical costs.  

The purpose of this petition is to secure supplementary medical funding for the residents of Flint, Michigan. So far, local, state, and federal officials have not even promised to cover the $1.5 billion needed to fix Flint’s pipes, let alone the estimated $100 million needed for the citizens’ long-term medical care. 

The funds will help pay for the following services:

1) Additional walk-in health clinics providing free services.

2) The maintenance of medical records for all of those affected, and free yearly checkups to monitor the long-term effects of lead poisoning.

3) Help covering future medical costs associated with lead poisoning.

4) Access to chelation therapy readily available at all area hospitals (if recommended by a specialist).

It is time for the federal government to step in and ensure the people of Flint that they will not continue to pay for the mistakes of their leaders. By signing this petition, you are asking Congress to set aside funds to pay for the medical care needed by those poisoned in Flint.

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