Fair Funding for Cleary!

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Fair Funding for Cleary is a coalition of parents, teachers and administrators fighting for fair funding for the Cleary School for the Deaf and its students.

Over the past several years Cleary’s student enrollment has steadily increased and as of today we are proud to educate 89 students.

Our students are remarkable! The Cleary teachers and support staff are world-class! The community we have created is like no other. Since 1925, we have served the deaf community of Long Island and our mission is to continue to provide an exceptional education for every single student that walks through our doors.

At this time, the Cleary School for the Deaf faces inadequate funding from the state.

To combat this, the school has been forced to freeze enrollment with 20 students on the waitlist who have nowhere else to turn. Freezing enrollment is unfortunately only the first step. Without assistance, Cleary may have to undergo drastic program cuts or reduce current enrollment.

Our message is simple: Funding should follow the student. As demand for Cleary services and enrollment increases, so too should our funding. 

The Fair Funding for Cleary coalition is united in calling on state lawmakers to increase funding for our school.

The Cleary School for the Deaf is vital to the community and the students and families we serve. Our programs are highly specialized and there are no other schools in Suffolk County for these services. We urge Albany lawmakers to increase funding for our school before the end of the legislative session on June 19, 2019.

Thank you for your support!

*Note: The Cleary School for the Deaf is not seeking donations for this petition. Signing this petition is free. The goal is to raise awareness and advocate for increased funding from New York State.