Better HOA Experience

Better HOA Experience

December 5, 2020
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Fulton Homes
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Bolthouse

We, the residents of Fulton Homes at Cooley Station, feel we deserve better transparency and management from our HOA, which is currently directly controlled by Fulton Homes and contracted to CCMC.

We want control of the HOA transferred to community so that we can ensure the following:

- Transparency on the use of HOA funds to ensure efficiency in the use of our assessments.

- Consistent management and communication, given the aggressive turnover of community managers. 

- Follow-through on items that are important to the community such as healthy landscapes, seasonal decor, and revision of policies to match modern communities.

We are adding hundreds of homes to our HOA, and many of us want to ensure that they are given a better experience than we have up to this point.

The action we ask of Fulton Homes is to do the following:

- Turn control of the HOA to the community for management and limited decision-making. 

- Allow the community to hire and hold accountable the next community manager.

- Allow the community to have full access to accounts to ensure transparency and the opportunity for independent audit. 

- Support this model by helping us make the transition smoothly and perhaps set a model for future communities.

We love living here. We have the best neighbors and are thrilled at Fulton's commitment to our planned community. We just ask by this petition that they let us get more involved than they have. 

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Signatures: 215Next Goal: 500
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