Ban iReady in Fulton County Schools

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Hi. I am a 7th grader at Autrey Mill Middle School and I am learning accelerated math. That means that I’m learning 8th and 9th grade math. When I took the iReady diagnostic test, I did not rush. I did check my answers. I did leave the test thinking that I would test out of iReady. But this time around, I got put in addition. Addition! Currently, I fully understand the math that I learn in my real math class, but iReady merely sees me as a little kindergartener.

And it’s not just me that has despised iReady for 4 years (give or take). It’s my family, it’s my friends, it’s literally every human person that I know that is assigned iReady. I believe that this petition can make its way to the Fulton County Schools Board and can make them realize that iReady is not the tool for us. iReady is a distraction from our real learning. Where can our teachers change what level of proficiency we learn at? Where can we learn real knowledge?

Another anonymous soul that set out to accomplish this petition described, “iReady has been implemented in schools and has only been a bad experience. Teachers make iReady mandatory for students and sometimes each lesson can take up to 1.5 hours! It is a pain for students to complete and it doesn't teach anything at all. Once something is learned in one lesson, that topic is never revisited again and is eventually forgotten. Ultimately, iReady is doing nothing for students and is a waste of time overall.” These words are coming from someone who didn’t have the right amount of support from his or her community. Let’s vindicate this petition and keep in mind that we are not the first, and hopefully not the last.