Fully Fenced Dog Park in McGraths Hill, NSW

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Live in McGraths Hill? Have dogs? Have kids? Sick of having to drive to parks in other areas that are fully fenced and away from roads? Me too!

Blacktown City Council area has 12 dog parks, Hawkesbury City Council has three and only two are fully fenced - so let's get one in McGraths Hill!

I have two huskies and if I want to let them have a run I have to get in my car and drive to other suburbs in the area such as South Windsor, Rouse Hill or Kurrajong as they are the only fenced parks close by, which then reduces how often I can go and the amount of time I can be there with them.

There are so many already established parks in McGraths Hill and none are fully fenced posing a risk for not only dogs, but children, but we could change that, all that is missing is a fence and a gate.

The most suitable option for a dog park is the the back oval at Colbee Park - which I personally never see being used for sports etc and is a great big space and away from the road. Dogs would love it!

Other options include:

1. The small playground/park on the corner of Pitt Town Road and Ivy Ave - this has one small fence on one side, but so much open space to one side of it, and no fence along the full road side, once again meaning wasted space and kids can't kick balls or anything, and dogs also can't run around as it’s so close to a main road. I hardly ever see this park being used and I think part of the reason is the fencing issue to close to a main road. The space could be so much better used if it was fully fenced with a gate.

2. The small playground/park on Andrew Thompson Drive – this park is a decent size but half of it doesn’t even get used and it is not fenced at tall. This park has two roads either side which isn't very safe for the families who take their kids and dogs there to play. A fence on either side, and a gate would change the way this park could be utilised. A shade sail wouldn't go astray either as there are no trees to provide shelter from the sun, meaning families can't use during the day in summer

Sure, some of these spaces may not be suitable for Council, but let's work together to find an area that is! I would love to be able to walk them my dogs to a park to give them a run each morning in McGraths Hill and be able to take kids to a safe and secure park where they can run, play, kick balls etc and not have to worry about them going onto a road.

So please sign, and let's get Hawkesbury Council to act and give McGraths Hill a fully fenced park that the community can not only enjoy but keep our dogs and kids safe!

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