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Shane Dawson: Have Indigo Foxe, An Educated Trans Activist, on Your Podcast

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A few weeks ago, digital media savant and comedian Shane Dawson had Trans and Conservative blogger Blaire White on his Shane and Friends podcast. Blaire White's colorful content consists of videos with titles like "Islam Apologists are Cancer" and "This Is Why People Hate Trannies" and "There Is No R*pe Culture... Stop".


They discussed a whole host of issues from "Fat Acceptance" to #BlackLivesMatter.

Among the topics discussed? The issues of Trans people.

As an original YouTuber much like and an avid supporter of Shane Dawson, an activist and a trans person, I, like like many people, was extremely disappointed at the (frankly) uneducated discourse regarding the very serious issues trans people face - issues that no one on that panel seemed to have the slightest idea about...  which is sad, considering that one of the panelists, Blaire White, is trans.

Blaire White, whose inflammatory opinion is based solely on her personal biases and experiences as a Trans person and not any fact based evidence, perpetuated outdated, unfounded ideas about what is it to be Trans - something I take issue with given how many young Trans people consume Shane's content.

As a writer and comedian, I understand a sense of humor. I love a good belly laugh as much as the next girl and, In fact, I'm the funniest person I know. However, properly educating people shouldn't take a backseat to comedy just for comedy's sake. Most good comedy has a message and whatever the message might have been, was lost in a wave of misinformation and, quote, "right leaning" opinions based in archaism.

As an educated person that has been in the news for their efforts, guested on Huff Post Live to discuss the state of trans women in entertainment media, sat on panels and spoken at colleges and with politicians to literally help shape policy that would serve to protect LGBTQIA+ students in her state - as someone that has been educating people on LGBTQIA+ issues for nearly a decade - I think it would great if Shane were to have me on to balance Blaire White's wild statements with actual fact.

Better yet, since I haven't seen Blaire White come into any legitimate confrontation with someone who actually knows the subjects she thinks she knows, have us both on to discuss in length exactly why it is what Blaire White and people like her believe is dead wrong...about basically everything.

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