Re-Open Our Schools For In-Person Instruction Now!

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Tell the School Board of Trustees to re-open our schools for in-person instruction now! Their special meeting on this topic is 1p on 1/16/21.  Before the holiday break, our Board assured us that we would all be on distance learning for two weeks only and now the union is trying to force them to go back on their word and keep our kids home longer. 

Our students deserve in-person instruction. This District has made school campuses safe.  The Board should trust the safety protocols in place and should get students back in classrooms. 

Our students do not have a well-funded union to fight for them.  The Board of Trustees should fight for our students and their fundamental right to an in-person public education.  And they should battle for them today!  Vote for our students, vote to get them back in classrooms NOW!