We want Full-time Firefighters for Ballina, NSW

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What we want is simple..

We want full time 24/7  firefighters for Ballina, NSW.

In fact we are passionate about getting full-time firefighters protecting our homes, schools, businesses, hospital and lifestyle. 

Here's why

Ballina has recently built a 4.3 Million dollar new zone office/Ballina fire station yet was not given full-time protection through the appointment of full-time firefighters.

In 2010, Ballina was allocated 4 full-time firefighters and a station officer as Ballina was identified as at risk. Unfortunately these positions were 'moved' to Lismore and FRNSW now claims the need is not great enough.

Ballina has a growing population 22.3% of these people are over the retirement age making them a more at risk demographic, it also has a fluctuating tourist population over the summer months increasing by approximately 20%. Along with this, Ballina plays host to one of the busiest regional airports in the state with over 500,000 passengers per year.

This is comparable to nearby Lismore which has a similar but a much younger population with only 15.3% are over retirement age. Lismore is serviced by two fire stations at Lismore and Goonellabah, one permanent, two retained appliances and a hazmat appliance.

This comparison shows Ballina is vastly under serviced and underutilised.

Permanent firefighters respond in a moments notice to emergencies and can help ease the day time availability issues, to relieve retained (on call) firefighters from the pressures of leaving there work or businesses and help surrounding areas.

Permanent firefighters do more then just fight fires and conduct rescues they are an important part in a safe community. They are out every day checking hydrants, visiting schools, installing smoke alarms, conducting pre-incident plans to ensure rate payers are safe.

Lismore and Tweed Heads rate payers are safe though Ballina has missed out. Unfortunately the retained firefighters at Ballina only have the time to complete approximately 60 of the above activities per year.

We are so thankful for the help and support offer by the retained Firefighters at Ballina and it must be known full-time firefighters would be in addition to the retained already at the station. Therefore, no loss of jobs.

BUT...we love our families, our friends our schools, our businesses and our lifestyle We deserve them to be safe 24hrs 7 days a week.

We want Full-time Firefighters for Ballina.