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Full Japanese Class in Scotch

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As of now, Scotch College has three language courses; French, Indonesian and Spanish (for IB Diploma). However, I think it is quite a good idea to add Japanese as an official class as another language option for WACE ATAR and IB Diploma course.

There is Japanese club once in week, and it has been running for quite a while, successfully. I think Japanese will be successful as proper class as well.

Japanese is one most recognized language as Japan has one of biggest economy and is a big trade partner of many countries including Australia. It would be good for students in economic pathway so they can have better communications with trade partners in Japan. Not only for economics students, there is better job opportunities in Japan thanks to bigger market, which will help students start/continue their career.

Of course, considerable amount of students, including myself, shows great interest on Japanese culture (Anime, Manga, Video Games etc.). By the time the students enter Senior School, they tend to watch/read/play the Japanese version of the media, not localized dubs. Japanese class will definitely help them understand the language and watch it as fluent as if they were watching dubs.

Other fact is that Tokyo is very popular as travel destination, and learning Japanese will certainly help them during the trip.

Even though Japanese might be less popular than the other language subjects, I think more then club attenders will be interested in the opportunity to study Japanese for their language.

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