Full Fledged University For Ladakh

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Ladakh And Why It Needs A Separate University

Ladakh remains to be one of the most neglected regions in the Northern part of India. It has a history of always being pushed at the backseat when it comes to development, political support and, most grievously, education. It comprises a large portion of the Jammu and Kashmir state, with over 58 per cent of its share in the area and over 2.7 lakhs in population. However, the residents have always been striving for one basic amenity to another. Topping all the necessary demands that were met with nothing but hollow promises, comes education. The whole of Ladakh region has only two Degree Colleges, one to each of the two main cities: Kargil and Leh. It is evident and unfortunate that even for a bachelor’s degree, one must migrate elsewhere and reside there for almost four years. It comes off as costly for parents who cannot afford a separate residence and a daily expenditure for their children. After all, how many aspirants can a single college in the whole city accommodate?
It is unfortunate too that Ladakh has been subjected to such negligence by the representatives who were supposed to work for its welfare. The students face a great distress when they are studying under a college which is affiliated to a university of another region. In this case, the two colleges in Kargil and Leh are affiliated under the University of Kashmir. Whenever an unrest stirs in the Valley, it is bound to have an immediate effect on the colleges in Ladakh, and consequently on the life of those pursuing their education in those colleges. The degrees that are actually coursed to be of 3 years end up taking more than that, usually a half or a complete year more. Even under normal conditions, there is a lot of disruptions which badly affect the persistence in their studies. The results are declared far very late than expected, which keeps the aspirants in a dilemma and hinder them from moving ahead. The students know this stress. The datasheets are announced far too late again, which of course has a direct impact on their preparation for and performance in the examinations. The reasons for these delays and disruptions stay beyond unknown and unexplained. It is surprisingly sad how this injustice with the students did not come into the notice of those in power, who were appointed to help us, or just how easily they were able to ignore it.
In the light of this expensive loss dealt by the students without even an ounce of their mistake or misdeed, the youth have risen up with protests and a demand that would change their course if the demand is met with. The youth of Ladakh, both Kargil and Leh, have come up demanding a separate full-fledged University for the region. Travelling miles to far off places, away from family and home, is a load they shouldn’t have been burdened with. This speck of a failed system can be rectified if their pleas are heard by the ministries and their demands fulfilled. It can, in fact, serve as a stepping stone towards a more enlightened and easily educated society.
When it comes to their demand of a separate university, they are finally choosing against relying on a university of another region which disrupts their studies in spite of the local conditions being in good harmony. They seek to stand up for the value of their time, which is wasted in vain due to the lack of a university of their own. They stand up for their families, and against the unprecedented economic burden on them due to this basic lack of facility. They ask for something that should have been given to them unasked beforehand. They are forcing a change that will guide all of us towards prosperity, and it is up to the hands of the changemakers to see what their fate beholds.