Full financial support for ALL essential workers in Australia amid COVID-19

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The frontliners and essential workers from doctors and nurses to pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and supermarket retail assistants and the list goes on. All these incredible people who still go into work every single day to keep us healthy, and safe and provide us with very essential and critical services. They are going above and beyond for everyone. Without them everything would literally fall apart. 

Due to COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs and/or are staying home to remain safe but those who still have work or have been deemed essential workers by the Australian government are required to attend work every day for us! They are not even able to work from home!

These ESSENTIAL WORKERS are risking their lives every single day to provide us with important and essential services yet they are not being appreciated or given any extra financial support. Instead they are getting paid less than people who are out of jobs and are staying home. Not only that but they have no financial support if they choose to stay home if they feel uncomfortable at work due to the pandemic or they reside with a high risk person and have to leave work. WHAT HAPPENS THEN? 

That essential workers are at risk of contracting COVID-19 yet nothing has changed in regards to completely cutting off tax or financial support and hazard pay.

Financial support should be available to all types of workers regardless of how long they've been employed for, regardless of their visa and regardless of whether they're casual, part-time or full-time. IT IS FOR ALL!

We need your help so we can keep on helping you!

Thank you!