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Full Employment and Business Democracy

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The International Capitalist-Investing class makes profits possible by constantly making labor more productive per person-hour worked. This is good in the short-run (say 200-500 years), but self-destructive of free markets and free republics in the long-run -- as so many become unemployed or under-employed that the market for labor -- and all other markets -- begins to shrink, historically leading to the replacement of free-markets and republics by dictatorship, feudalism and even slavery (as happened in Europe from 1929-1945). To avoid the "common ruin of the contending classes", we need an Internat'l Treaty setting the legal full-time work-week to 20 hours, but for 40-hours pay, paid not by the employer, but by a graduated Social Profits-Sharing sur-tax on the net personal incomes of the general rich in each nation (or State or Province) insofar as their net consumable income exceed the Gross National Adult Per Capita Income ($54,330 in the USA per adult AFTER costs of doing business, investments, health, education, retirement and life savings and premium payments accounts, and donations.

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