Fulfill the Promise of a Cinnabon in Westfield Century City Mall

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This petition is for a Cinnabon to open in the Westfield Century City mall.

Back in 2014, Westfield Century City Mall began construction. In this process, many stores were closed down to make way for renovations, including the mall's popular dessert option, Wetzel's Pretzels. Los Angeles community members, customers, and tourists all were left with a hole. There was no longer a phenomenal dessert option in the mall.

Then, in June of 2017, Westfield of Century City in Los Angeles publicized that a Cinnabon/Auntie-Anne's joint franchise would be opening on the second floor of the Northwest wing of the mall. (For the sake of brevity, I am going to focus on Cinnabon's opening)

The advertised opening date was July 2017, but months went by and the store still seemed vacant. As a community, we were given hope that Cinnabon would be the answer; the perfect place to fill the void left by Wetzel's Pretzels. As months went by, the Cinnabon logo remained on the empty storefront but there was little-to-no progress made on the actual opening of the store. Now, the Cinnabon logo is no longer on the storefront and Cinnabon is no longer on the mall's list of shopping establishments and fine eateries. So I call upon you: community members, dessert lovers, and avid shoppers to unite with me in encouraging Westfield to fulfill the promise that it made. 

We as a community deserve better. We deserve a Cinnabon. Please show your support by signing this petition in hopes of Westfield reconsidering the addition of a Cinnabon to their Century City mall.



This is the letter that I have written to Westfield. Please read to further understand my personal motives and concerns.

To whom it may concern,

As a prominent Beverly Hills community member and avid dessert enthusiast, I am greatly distraught and disappointed with the false promises that your mall has made to its customers. Way back in June 2017, Westfield of Century City in Los Angeles publicized that a Cinnabon would be opening on the second floor of the Northwest wing of the mall. The advertised opening date was July 2017, but I found myself stumbling upon the same empty store with a Cinnabon logo on the front through December of 2017. I complained to customer service numerous times, and at one point an employee of your mall even said that I should expect it to open within the next month. That conversation was back in November.

Recently, I walked by the storefront and noticed that the Cinnabon logo was gone. "Hmmm...does this mean it's opening soon?" I thought to myself. I found myself quite perplexed by the newest development in the Cinnabon store, so I decided to investigate further and look at the mall's website. There I discovered that Cinnabon was no longer on your extensive list of shopping establishments and fine eateries, and this has led me to the conclusion that Cinnabon's opening may have been not only wrongfully delayed, but may have been abandoned altogether. I have had nightmares about this but never thought that a prestigious mall such as Westfield, especially the location at Century City, would lie to its customers as it has seemed to do here. After putting its customers through many years of severe, intense construction, wouldn’t you think we have been through enough?

So now, after many thorough efforts to expedite the opening of the legendary store that is Cinnabon, I am greatly concerned that the Cinnabon location at Century City is no longer going to open. This truly saddens me.

So I write to you as the voice of many angry Westfield customers and other community members to let you know that we are unhappy with the inability of the mall to follow through with one of its greatest ideas ever. Renovation was a great idea, until you removed Wetzel's Pretzels. That decision left me unsettled, not knowing how to feel about the mall’s developments. But Cinnabon seemed to be the solution; the perfect place to fill the void that Wetzel's Pretzels left.

Now it appears that you have failed to fulfill this Cinnabon promise and I would like Westfield to know that I, along with many community members and customers, are thoroughly disappointed and unhappy with your service. I hope you can make it up to us as a community, and me as an individual in some way.

Sincerely, with utmost disappointment,

AJ Wolken


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