Fujifilm - please colaborate with developers so we can use x-series video with gimbals

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Fujifilm's X-Series cameras are becoming a serious choice for many indie and professional filmmakers. The colour science and F-Log capabilities make these cameras a great asset, particularly with the x-t2, x-t3 and x-h1. 

However, there is no commitment to allow access for third party gimbals to interface with the cameras, this is a major hurdle for potential customers who may choose sony, panasonic, canon and nikon instead as they all interface well with some of the amazing gimbals that are becoming a necessity in modern film-making.

Allowing the gimbal manufacturers and designers access to your software will help both the current owners of the x-series cameras, and also potential new customers who are deciding which system is best for their needs - a lack of a fully functioning gimbal is a serious consideration.