Fair Fuel Prices for Sleaford

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Campaign to appeal to the vendors of fuel in the Sleaford area to offer a price which is more closely aligned to the national average, living in one of the lowest income areas in the country we have been forced to pay an inflated price for fuel for far too long, unfairly.

People in this area are already balancing a delicate income without being needlessly penalised by the fuel vendors in this area by way of monopoly by ALL the vendors, all of the other local towns and places of equal or greater populations have a much lower price on average, in most cases by more than 5p per litre, and as much as 11p per litre in some instances, wages are not going up but the cost of relative living continually climbs, this is not helped by this monopoly pricing policy employed by the local vendors of fuel in this town, and it has gone on for far too many years.