Investigate Paypal & Ebay business practices

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Investigate Paypal & Ebay business practices

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This petition is to ask the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection to investigate Paypal & Ebay. Specifically for their business practices of holding customer funds, freezing accounts, and Ebay freezing accounts. Paypal routinely holds seller funds for 21 days while still expecting the seller to ship the item. No other store in the United States is expected to do this by their credit card merchant accounts so why are Ebay stores expected to do this? Paypal freezing accounts and holding funds for 180 days. Because Paypal is not regulated in the same way as a real merchant account, Paypal accounts are frozen for numerous reasons and without warning. Once an account is frozen , the funds are often held by Paypal for months on end with absolutely no recourse to the merchant. Paypal asks for personal information like social security numbers, credit checks, and copies of utility, cell phone bills. Just because a consumer signs a terms of service doesn't make whats in it right or lawful. In a court case Craig Comb, et al. v. PayPal, Inc it was found that User Agreement and the arbitration clause therein are unconscionable because they: (1) permit PayPal to issue binding amendments to the User Agreement at any time without notice to users; (2) obligate users to arbitrate their disputes pursuant to the commercial rules of the AAA, which is cost prohibitive in light of the average size of a PayPal transaction; (3) obligate users who reside nationwide to arbitrate in Santa Clara county, California, where PayPal is located; (4) permit PayPal to freeze and maintain possession of the funds in customer accounts until any dispute is resolved; and (5) require users to pursue their claims individually, and not via a class action. Taken together, the Court held these provisions made the User Agreement unconscionable, and appear to represent an attempt by PayPal "to insulate itself contractually from any meaningful challenge to its alleged practices." Notice number 4. Its for these reasons that we are asking that they be investigated as well as their terms of service. We are also petitioning that the Bureau of Consumer Protection recommend to the proper agency that Paypal be regulated like a bank since they seem to act as one. Furthermore since Paypal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebay we are asking that they be investigated as well. Ebay routinely freezes accounts when Paypal accounts are frozen whether Paypal had a legitimate reason or not. My personal account had 399 feedback, 100% positive, silver power seller, and top rated status. This creates a monopoly that is unfair to consumers.

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