Hold UNObrush Accountable for Defrauding 28,721 People

I bought a whole family pack so my family could have better oral health. I bought it with the intended purpose of giving it to two adults and two young children.

However, three years later, I've yet to receive anything. Absolutely NO news about shipping to Canada. I've not received ANY replies to my comments or questions. I've seen many people complain about the brush shape being too big, which is a HUGE issue due to my jaw locking far too easily, hence the desire for the foam first advertised.

I'm so angry about this. I thought it would help my family keep better oral care, but instead, it's been a carrot on a string for three years, and it's two years past its promised delivery date. I don't have a lot of money to waste, and this was a lot of money for me. I want my money back. I don't care about the products they're apparently shipping out. I just want to get my money back. I don't like being scammed.

Bethany Harbaugh, Kelowna, Canada
5 months ago
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