Over 8 million rands in question, help us get justice against Globex360 Forex Brokers

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Dear Forex Traders & General Public,   

We need your help to claim back over 8 million rands from Globex360, a forex broker in South Africa; who has now threatened to take us to court, for standing up to them.   We will explain what happened, but before we do, think about these questions;

  • Have you ever been taken advantage of?
  • Had your money "taken" without a concrete explanation? 
  • Or dealt with a service provider who failed to deliver a good service but then instead of correcting it, they just treat you like an enemy?

Well... that's the long and short of what we, over 67 clients experienced all the above with Globex360.    Not only did they deny owing us over 8 million rands, but they also won't even apologize for treating us badly, and blocking us from trading with them.  And as though taking bread from the table of our families was not enough, now they are threatening to bury us in legal fees, whatever we try. 

Help us find a way to do more for families, maybe we can never get our money back or get justice, but at least we would have warned so many others, of what Globex360 has done to us.