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Petitioning Software Department, Fry's Home Electronics Rayman Cheng and 2 others

Fry's Home Electronics: Stop selling "First-Person Shooter" games.


"First Person Shooter" games have inspired imbalanced individuals to go on horrific shooting sprees, like the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and Columbine High School in Colorado.

Fry's Home Electronics must demonstrate its commitment to the safety of our children by voluntarily halting sales of First Person Shooter games.

Letter to
Software Department, Fry's Home Electronics Rayman Cheng
Director of Customer Service, Fry's Home Electronics Shahriar Saraj
President, Fry's Home Electronics Randy Fry
Your company, Fry's Home Electronics, is a major retailer of First Person Shooter games.

First Person Shooter games have repeatedly inspired unstable young people to commit mass murder. FBI criminal profiler Gregg McCrary said that such games "are the catalyst that push teen killers over the edge."

To win in "games" like Halo, Doom, Mortal Combat, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Manhunt, young people practice indiscriminate mass killing. People with little experience with firearms can actually become quite proficient in the basics of targeting.

First-Person Shooter games are quite effective for conditioning and training people for mass murder. Games like "First to Fight" are used as training media by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Fry's Home Electronics must put the safety of the families of their customers above the profits derived from First Person Shooter game sales.

Stop selling First Person Shooter games.

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