Voting Rights For ALL Eligible FRSA Members

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Given the fact that FRSA is a statewide organisation with members in all corners of the state, and the nature of the purpose of the organisation, the requirement that members must attend the AGM in person in order to have the opportunity to vote is discriminatory. Many of our members would have to travel long distances and find alternate arrangements for the provision of care of the animals in their custody. There are also members who have physical disabilities or financial issues that would preclude them from attending. Then there is also a group of members who attended the adjourned AGM on 29/07/2018 that already traveled a great distance and are financially unable to attend a second meeting. Therefore only a small fraction of the membership will be in attendance. Resulting in a vote that does not truly reflect the wishes of the majority. All members, regardless of location, disability, financial status or other limitations should have the right for their voices to be heard. Therefore it is proposed that a facility for email and mail-in voting systems be implemented prior to the 2018 AGM.