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Blacklist Upsets from

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Upsets was a newly hired Trial-Mod on a Minecraft Network ran by FrozenOrb called Arcane. She was hired less than a week before being demoted. She was demoted and initially blacklisted for the following reason "ddos while staff". She was found with a booter during a screenshare which prompted the removal of her rank and her ability to play on the network. She was then UNblacklisted by other staff members shortly following this indecent. 

We believe Upsets should be blacklisted from the network because Arcane knowingly trusted her with a rank (and permissions) as a staff member. The punishment should be harsher for staff when found with a booter... not more lenient. I, and many other Youtubers and players have been blacklisted for much less surrounding DDOSing and possession of a Booter. We petiton that she not be shown Bias, and be given, at minimum, an Arcane Blacklist (and preferably a FrozenOrb Blacklist).

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