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Enact changes to Pictionary 3.0 to solidify the future of the community.

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Currently, the third iteration of pictionary is in a state of stagnation. Nothing dramatic is currently happening to tear the server apart, however there are some clear issues I feel need to be addressed:

-The lack of strong leadership; I do not think Frosty is an incompetent owner of the community, however I feel there are some stark issues at play. Frosty is averse to confrontation to a fault, choosing to avoid the hard questions instead of responding to them and ducking away whenever realtalk happens; additionally, he's notably inactive, often being non-present, which is undesirable. A leader who is willing to be around for the community, delegate their authority when needed, and be willing to confront issues directly when needed would be ideal.

-The misappropriation of emote slots- Currently only 11 of the 50 emote slots aren't cats! And of those 11, several of those are Frosty's personal emotes as well. A more egalitarian application of emote slots where poobahs are each given a portion of the slots to they use as they see fit (as 2.0) would be ideal.

-The server name- The server should, by all rights, be called Pictionary 3.0. The name Aristocats is not descriptive and exists merely due to Frostal liking the name. Pictionary 3.0 is more descriptive to the server itself and respects the long and varied of the server.


From this petition, I hope to compel Frosty to make more community-oriented decisions and perhaps delegate more of his authority down to some of the Poobahs. I would also table the idea he consider stepping down in favour of a different leader more prepared for the responsibilities entailed, such as Tim.

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