Mass Uninstall and Boycott of Elite Dangerous

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

No carriers, no ice planets, no Gnosis jump. 

With the dead Thargoid narritive being shoved down our throats and holding up any developments of this now dead and repetitively boring game; lets uninstall and boycott, hit them where it hurts until we get some decent content. Space legs, multi crew srvs, proper incentives for Arena.

Let’s force this game from the hands of the modded up FDL and FAS flyers who ruin every CG for peaceful players; splitting the player base and creating the poison environment on which they thrive. 

To acheive this I propose a mass boycott of Elite Dangerous. There’s nothing to do in it anyway and they’re focusing on Jurassic Park; 100 man team my bum. 

Braben; you let us down.