Stand Up for Peter Brennan

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Peter Brennan has been a loyal employee of the Woodsmill Tennis Club, in Chesterfield, Mo., for 26 years. Today, August 2, 2018, he was notified that the club was sold to the Frontenac Tennis Club, in Frontenac, Mo., and that new owner Mr. Terry Ward had fired him.  

We the undersigned, in recognition of Mr. Brennan's outstanding service as head of maintenance at the Woodsmill Tennis Club hereby petition Mr. Ward, now owner of the Frontenac and Woodsmill tennis clubs, to rescind Mr. Brennan's firing and restore him to his previous position.

We understand that "business is business" and that since Mr. Brennan is an at-will employee, Mr. Ward as his new employer has every legal right to fire him. At the same time, it is well established that most Americans prefer to do business with firms having a social conscience. Mr. Ward's summary dismissal of a highly competent, beloved, long-time employee like Mr. Brennan demonstrates quite the opposite and calls into question our willingness to do business with Mr. Ward. In addition, Mr. Brennan's departure raises questions regarding the future quality of court maintenance and safety at Woodsmill Tennis Club.

Therefore, if Mr. Ward does not restore Mr. Brennan to his previous position at Woodsmill Tennis Club or does not offer a severance agreement that Mr. Brennan finds equitable, we will reevaluate whether or not to continue our memberships at Woodsmill Tennis Club.