American Home Shield Needs to be investigated

American Home Shield Needs to be investigated

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Trying to bring back an old petition from 3 years ago giving full credit to Davit Mrelashvili the original author of this well crafted statement. 

We are the self organized group of American People who are the victims of unethical and misleading business practice of a Memphis based home warranty company American Home Shield (AHS).

To each one of us (and many others not listed here), our friend's or families, AHS has failed to deliver a good faith service that American People are entitled to via the industry standards of how the insurance companies are to operate in the United States. 

Each one of us, our friends or families, have been subjected to at least one or more of the following:

1) Incomplete and biased disclosure of contract terms upon sales call.

2) Unacceptably long holding times on the phone (many times more than an hour) when needing an urgent help, while calling the sales line at the same time - the answer is immediate. 

3) Extremely delayed dispatching of qualified contractors, sometimes weeks after claim is submitted. Some sort of internal operations and clarifications are usually blamed. 

4) Providing poorly qualified contractors that do unnecessary or wrongful jobs (verified by AHS themselves later), that delay in customers' appliance repair, create damages to the customer's homes, and has led to weeks of being without some of the vital appliances (e.g. heating in winter, cooling in summer). While, should the customer have paid himself, repair would have been completed in the following day or two. 

5) Failing to properly repair contractually covered items, not only being unable to provide qualified repairman, and at the same time not paying the industry standard amount to an outside contractor (that they claim they allow customer to get, in case they can't get their contracted repairman).

6) Poorly knowledgable customer service representatives, encounters with which often leads to hours of on the phone discussions, lost productivity and frustration on the customer needs. 

7) Most importantly - the repair process of vitally important appliances (heating and air) have been prolonged long enough, that customers are forced (by watching the suffering family members and small children) to do repair by their own savings, that immediately voids their eligibility for being reimbursed for the claim (all claims should be done by/through AHS in order to be paid for).

8) Removing the social media negative feedback about customer's experience, thus, again, misleadingly embellishing positives of the company and essentially devoiding the customer from sharing their experience with others.  

To give you more objective and scalable data - of the hundreds of reviews on Better Business Bureau page (that is one rare unbiased source), 95% (literally) of reviews are negative, and only 5% positive. There must be some sense to such large amount of opinions, so it is way more people than just us being affected. This is a class action.

Given all of the above, we urge you to look into the business practices of the American Home Shield, and protect current and potential future customers (or victims) from the unethical and merciless abuse from AHS.

Kind regards,


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