Front of Yonge Township- no enforcement of bylaws

Front of Yonge Township- no enforcement of bylaws

September 3, 2020
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Front of Yonge Township
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Started by Penny Looby


By-Law # 14-16 Section 127 -3 of the municipal act states that "Every property in the municipality shall be kept in a neat, tidy and safe condition consistent with surrounding properties"
I submitted a written complaint on April 7th regarding the garbage that gathers and blows off of the property at the Mallorytown Freshmart  into neighbouring yards and also the storage of skids upon skids of liquor and beer bottles/cans in full view of every person that enters the village; including the kids from FOY School that go to the store on their lunch. It's like they're promoting alcohol use.

On April 24th I had not seen any changes so called the township office to see when the property would be inspected and was told it was inspected on April 8th and that the bylaw enforcement officer "seen no issues".

Not only does this eyesore lower property values, the remnants of the beer left in the bottom of the bottle attracts insects and rodents that carry disease.

If you're thinking of selling in the township, now would be a good time to start to address the lack of enforcement as we'll probably have to fight for a very long time to get anything done.

The owner of the store doesn't clean up but I'm pretty sure that mess wasn't created in 15 days. 

The property is still not up to standards and the bylaw enforcement officer still says no issues and Mayor Haley continues to say "It's been dealt with!" The 4 councillors don't even respond to emails.

We need a bylaw enforcement officer who is local; the current one lives in Harrowsmith so apparently doesn't care about property values in Front of Yonge. 

Please sign to petition FOY Council to hire a local bylaw enforcement officer who actually has something invested locally so will represent our residents fairly or at the very least they need to tell her she needs to enforce the bylaws.  

Please sign only if you are a resident or property owner in Front of Yonge Township but share it with all. 

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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