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Release a Bloodborne PC Version!

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The Souls games are my favorites series of games. Bloodborne brings fresh air into the Souls series with a nice atmosphere and a new gameplay. Everyone should have the right to play it on every hardware! Bringt Bloodborne to PC!

A game that exists on multiple platforms has several advantages, even for From Software and Sony!

1. Profit maximization

With the right contractual arrangements, both parties can earn a lot of money. Through the sale of Bloodborne on several platforms, the game remains in conversation and attracts new and interested players.


2. Get a bigger Community

With multiple platforms you earn a bigger Community (like from Youtube/Twitter/Facebook co.). They keep the gaming alive. This also leads to profit maximization.


3. More players can appreciate the work from Sony and From Software

With a multiple port ( special the PC port ) you get more advertising for the game and for the company. Players can easily create Videos for Youtube. You are keeping a potentially large community away.


Please! Think about the gamer and for the Souls fans. We just want to play. Have a gamer hearth!

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