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Update the game "Armored Core Verdict Day" for the non-Japanese Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms

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From Software released two versions of armored core verdict day, each equiped with their own unique server; one for the Japanese systems, and another for the rest. A few weeks after initial release, From Software announced that they would be patching certain aspects of the game with a series of updates. Since then, the Japanese side has been updated to patch 1.6 or 1.7, while From Software has failed to move the international server past regulation 1.2. It has been several months now, and players have gone listless and tired of the current regulations, which are not up to date, nor as percievedly balanced as the ones the Japanese have recieved. 

There is little to no reason for From Software to treat it's playerbase like this. Xbox no longer charges an update fee, and it's hard to envision why they have kept such a large portion of their community in the dark with outdated regulations. Perhaps they have no such obligation, but to us players it is unfair and seemingly illogical as why they would ignore essentially half their consumers, and completely unfair to the players that trusted the company enough to purchase the games in the first place.

From Software has been either extremely lazy or extremely biased. Either way, there is little doubt that the international server could, and arguably should, have been updated by now. The Japanese side has been updated for over a month now. The International servers should be too.

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