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From Save the Bay of Fundy Heritage: Petition to Honourable Randy Delorey, Honourable Stephen McNeil: Stop LaFarge from Processing Fracking Wastewater

Bio-accumulation of Radium 226 will cause contamination of land and ground water around Brookfield and Alton, Nova Scotia for generations to come and as it decays and becomes Radon, it will be leaking into the residents homes and basements and increasing the risk of Cancer.

It is also understood that N-Viro uses cement dust from LaFarge to mix with biosolds.

Biosolid sludge spread on farmland across the province is leaching into the waterways and making their way into the Bay of Fundy. Nova Scotia Environment claims it is a safe practice and that biosolids meeting the Class A criteria — do not require an approval for land application provided the facility producing the Class A municipal biosolids has a valid approval from Nova Scotia Environment.

It is also understood, that only a handful of chemicals are tested for. There are at least 21 known carcinogens, 30 heavy metals, flame retardants, steroids, hormones and so on, all adding up to around 60,000 chemical substances and pollutants to be found in biosolids.

This combination of the two threaten the health of our region’s soil. Toxins enter the groundwater, drain into surrounding farms, are carried by animal and human foot traffic and can be carried by wind. Biosolids have a habit of both sticking around and being incredibly mobile at the same time.

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