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Friz - Shower, Fireplace and Art therapy room sex

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This petition was created to show The Powers That Be how crazy Friz fans are about their beloved Franco and Elizabeth. For 2 years we have tuned into General Hospital and watched this phenomenal acting duo take us on the ride of our lives with a love story that was romantic, sexy and funny. Whether they were solving all the crimes in Port Charles because the PCPD and Post-it PI Sam are incapable of solving anything, or locking a criminal in a dog cage, or saving Port Charles from the Camaro or dealing with raging Drew & Jason, we couldn't turn the channel. We watched how Franco and Elizabeth slowly became friends and then lovers. We patiently waited for months for this couple to finally make love. When they did in February 2017, everything was magical. The many Friz scenes in bed proved to the viewers that this couple should have all their scenes in bed. When Franco was gone for an agonizing 3 months, we patiently waited again. Some of us turned to alcohol to numb the pain. When Franco came back, Frizzies were rewarded with another amazing love scene.
This petition isn't about Friz, it isn't about ratings or numbers, it’s simply about wanting something that is bigger than life. Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth are a team like no other. They have created a legacy that will outlive their lives. Their onscreen chemistry is something we Frizzies can't get enough of. We ask the writers and the executives for more love scenes, this time in the shower, or a bubble bath with champagne, in front of the fireplace, and in the art therapy room where it all began.
Friz is love...and we're fighting for that. 

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