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Thanks for adding your name to the petition last month. In just a few weeks over 200 West Australians signed the petition asking Fringe World to step up and drop Woodside Petroleum as a sponsor. In the lead up to Fringe in January we’ll be speaking with venues, headline artists, partners and festival goers. And I wanted to ask you, can you ask some newly announced Fringe artists if they support the Fringe:Woodside Petroleum partnership?  But before I do, I want to talk to you about how I think we can win. Fringe World is not a climate blocker, unsurprisingly the majority of staff and artists support a safe climate and a clean environment. From conversations we've had with fringe staff and artists, the only thing that is holding them back from cutting ties is the money Woodside can pay that no other existing partner can.  Our State Government gives pennies to support art, while Woodside can throw huge amounts of money at Fringe. In return, the fossil fuel corporation receives undue influence and positive credibility from the arts. It’s great marketing by them. On the other side of things up on the north coast, Woodside is indignantly fighting Indigenous land owners to take their land and risk destroying sacred learning areas and ancient artifacts. On top of that Woodside’s plans will blow our chances of addressing climate change and meeting our Paris commitments.  Across the UK, arts organisations are breaking away from fossil fuel corporations too. Both the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company in London are dropping their fossil fuel corporate partners - BP and Shell, a week after school students threatened a boycott.  And Fringe World can do the same!  I am getting a lot of messages from folks who are concerned Fringe won’t survive without the money from fossil fuel corporations. We understand the challenges Fringe faces in finding a new partner - but we believe they will do the right thing. Edinburgh fringe - from one of the most oil and gas dependent nations in the world don’t partner with fossil fuel corporations. And as the third largest fringe festival in the world, we think Fringe World has both the responsibility and commitment to WA to start looking for other partners. In fact, we are already compiling a list for them.  OK - What do you think?  If you’re ready to push Fringe to be better, msg one of the artists who will be performing at the Fringe in January and ask them where they stand. First - Click here to see a list of artists, which is being updated every week. You can message or comment on their facebook, twitter, instagram ect and ask them where they stand.   ‘Given we’re in the middle of a climate crisis, do you think Fringe World Festival should continue supporting and providing credibility for Woodside Petroleum’? Or something like that.  If you get a response, screenshot it (Shift+Command+4 on a MAC or Ctrl+Prnt Scrn on a PC), share it on your social media and send it to me at or on social media so we can compile it and build a list of artists at Fringe who support climate action.  We believe Fringe will do the right thing - but they might need a nudge. Actually, they’ll need a few nudges. We are looking forward to a creative summer! Holly  P.S Don’t donate to on the petition page - it doesn’t go to spreading the petition or this campaign - � 

Holly Dawson
3 years ago