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For too long the jobless people of Nova Scotia have been seen as a problem to be fixed or eradicated, as if we were a parasitic scum or a cancer. But we are so much more than a symptom of a failing local and global economy. We represent the cutting edge of a global movement and cultural paradigm shift that sees the value of human time and the natural world as immeasurable by money. In recognition of this fact, we, the undersigned, demand that the Province of Nova Scotia and its subsidiary organizations, departments and ministries acknowledge that it is not “unemployment” and the unemployed that are the problems; waged work and capital accumulation are the cancer that we must treat. We insist that that Nova Scotia commit itself to the health and happiness of humans and the earth and thus declare itself THE WORLD’S FIRST POST-WORK PROVINCE!

Until now, political conversations on the government level, in the media and on Main Street mourn the fact the province isn’t working and blame and shame non-working individuals. Though we represent over half the population, babies, children, retirees, mothers, refugees, artists, unskilled, deskilled, tired, injured, and other jobless are outside of the labor force. We are called unemployed, underemployed, out of work, lazy, precarious, unproductive. This attitude and vocabulary assumes that wage work is actually a reliable mode of survival at this point. It is not; waged work is destroying the earth and its humans.

We call OUR underappreciated byproduct of capitalism ‘post-work’, and we are grateful for the opportunity to organize and expose the largest interest group in Nova Scotia. Though our lives are very scrutinized, we live with an open secret: we have time to contemplate, to learn, to take care of ourselves and others, and to contribute to society using human and natural resources with respect and ingenuity. However, despite these positive aspects of the post-work movement, we are still made to feel shame for not orienting our lives around work as our highest calling. We are frequently taught to suffer anxiety, depression, fear, which can even lead to suicide. Disputing the normative work ethic has such grave emotional and psychological effects-- it keeps us post-workers from appearing together in public, making our movement visible through direct action, or developing a popular movement to express our demands.

When you and your friends sign this petition, it represents your acknowledgement of the importance of what we do as post-workers, and it encourages us to withstand the psychological grenades and emotional landmines that keep us fearful, ashamed and isolated.

Today, even conservative economists are admitting that, with the rise of new technologies and growing global wealth, soon the economy will have no need for most of us. Most jobs are becoming irrelevant and redundant. As such, we post-workers are not being left behind, we’re at the forefront of inventing a better, utopian future, one where Nova Scotians will not be caught in the constant trap of meager financial survival but are contributing to life and culture in meaningful ways. We don’t want to see you face the frivolous hardships associated with job hunts, job training, jobs for jobs sake, professionalism, competition, profit driven education, unhappiness, isolation, exploitation, boredom, violence, injustice and more.  We are already bringing the post-work society into existence, and we want your help and acknowledgment.

Signed petitions will be delivered to public representatives as a way to engage them in a heartfelt conversation about the inevitability of our post-work future. We will also look at the long list of supporters and post-workers to cheer us up when we get depressed and we encourage you to do the same.


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