Friends of Hardy Lane

Friends of Hardy Lane

August 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Richard White

The Friends of Hardy Lane and other concerned voters need your immediate help and signature to oppose the siting of a new Community and Senior Center on undeveloped land, in a zoned residential neighborhood, and adjacent to the Pequonnock River Valley and Rail Trail.

Please click the button below and sign the petition addressed to the Trumbull Community Facilities Building Committee, Town Council, and First Selectman Vicki Tesoro, asking them to reject the Hardy Lane location.

Wednesday, August 10 at 7:00 PM is the date of the Building and Facilities Committee vote. You may not live in this area, but this also affects you (please read more below).

Writing a letter is doubly helpful (see contacts below).
Coming to the meeting and making a statement is triply helpful.

This impacts our entire town...
1.  Protecting the valley.  The plot of land on Hardy Lane was recently acquired by the town with the stated purpose of controlling development and sustaining the environmental health of the Pequonnock River Watershed.  Before the purchase, the town’s Conservation Commission hired an environmental consultant who prioritized this particular section of land for protection and preservation, not development.  Trumbull Times Article:

2.  Traffic!!!  Church Hill Road, a main connector in Trumbull, is presently struggling with traffic due to recent developments in Trumbull Center.  Additionally, the top of Church Hill Road has been the site of numerous accidents after the blind curve precisely at the location of this proposed complex.

As a state road, additional crosswalks and traffic controls are the responsibility of the state, which has already rejected previous requests for traffic control when the same facility was being proposed just yards away near Old Church Hill Road and Quality Street.

3.  Children at risk!!!  Increased pedestrian traffic between Middlebrooks Avenue and Quality Street sets the stage for tragedy, especially considering the high speed of cars on Church Hill Road and no help from the state.

4.  Visibility from the rail trail, plus noise.  This proposed complex will, according to the architect working with the committee, be visible from the trail.  It follows that there will be significant noise reverberating from increased activity and traffic as well.  Enjoy your nature walk!

5.  Displacement of wildlife.  Can we leave our wild four-legged and winged friends someplace to live?  No one wants coyotes, foxes, deer, and even the occasional bear in our backyard.  And guess what?  They don’t want to be in our yards either.

6.  There are both wetlands and an intermittent stream on the property.  Any increase in impervious surface from the building, associated parking, and paving will only increase the runoff pollution to the Pequonnock River Watershed and nearby basement flooding.

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Signatures: 293Next Goal: 500
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