Save Germany Hill

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Germany Hill is a small wooded area in Philadelphia that is home to many different wildlife. Developers are trying to destroy Germany Hill by putting up 35 new homes. Please help us fight back and stand up for this beautiful land.  

We the undersigned neighbors of Germany Hill and residents of the surrounding community oppose the proposed development of “tiny houses” proposed for Germany Hill for the following reasons: The subject property is located within both a steep slope protection zone and the Schuylkill Watershed Overlay District. As a result, any proposed development on the site that impacts storm water runoff, or earth movement, is of concern to the immediate neighbors. The slope protection and overlay districts are designed to address particular areas of development. The amount of earth moving that will have to happen in order for these homes to be built will cause major runoff problems for the homeowners whose properties sit below these lots and affect the stability of the properties adjacent to the lots. We have been advised by the RPCA that the this will pass because “the city” wants this development with no further explanation or clarity. We have been advised that the residents who will inhabit these tiny homes will be renters and will not require any roads to access their properties. This makes little sense as trash pickup, fire and rescue and police will not be able to access these properties without roads. We remain opposed to opening up any roads thru what is now Fairmount Park property to accommodate a developer who is knowingly proposing to build on what is and should remain landlocked property.