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Change Brook Green Dog Park

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Brook Green is a loved place by everyone who lives near by, but not all dog owners feel the same way. Many dogs live in Hammersmith, especially around the Brook Green area. 

Brook Green Dog Park allows many people and their dogs to come together and meet in the park, but there definitely needs to be a change. 

The main problem with the park is the orange sand. I have a dog myself and she is constantly getting incredibly sick after being in the park. Unfortunately, a few dog owners do not pick up after their pets and it begins to blend into the sand, which is able to keep disease/filth inside for weeks (roughly three weeks). I've also noticed that mushrooms tend to grow around the tree stumps which are normally very dangerous to dogs. I've also wondered if the sand has ever been changed since it was first placed. 

The other problem with the sand is that it gets on the fur of the dog and then it is brought into the house! Clothes/shoes get ruined inside the park just by walking through it, but especially if a dog jumps up. The dog also gets filthy!

Another perfect change would be, to have mesh around the fences or to have smaller bars, as puppies and small dogs are able to squeeze through. It will also prevent tennis balls leaving the park and onto the road. 

The park used to be filled with grass a few years ago and it seemed to work very well, with little complaints made. Ideally if the park could be turned back into mud and grass, it would be amazing! When it rains the mud is eaiser to drain rather than the sand, which causes puddles and the sand starts to stick/clump. 

I think Brook Green is very lucky to have a dog park but I personally have only ever heard complaints about the sand and the problems it causes. This park stays open all hours which is perfect for early and late walkers but because of the conditions, the park tends to be avoided. 

I would love to get as many signatures as possible for the people and dogs around Brook Green and Hammersmith but if there are no changes possible, at least people took the time to read/sign this which I am grateful for!  

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