Fox's Birthday Bonanza

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"Elaine and John,
I think it would be in best interests for Freya to attend my party. It should be known by now that despite the connotations of drinking youths, Freya's friends in these sort of situations are very responsible, and in the years these sort of events have been going on around me I have never heard anything but a communal sense of responsibility for the people around. This quality is not spared from Freya. Every event like this I have attended with her she has been fine and the party has been nothing but a fun time for her. She is very much in control of herself and knows when enough is enough. She is relaxed and chilled, and only ever wants to have fun with her friends. Freya at the moment needs to be around a normal environment of friends, as the idea of having to stay at home for her own safety is no doubt getting her down. Everyone attending the party wants her to come, I want her to come - especially as my birthday wasn't too great, and to spend time with Freya and my friends would make up for that, and Carol and Tim will also be there to oversee the whole event. Thanks a lot for reading and taking time to consider this."
-Fox Rawding

"The party won't be good without Freya there"- Eleanor Hunter

"We will take great care of her"- Eleanor May, daughter of Sgt.Gary May

"Our dance troop will be a mess without her"- Keira McMahon

"I will be her guardian angel"- Reuben Brading-Cornish

"It's not a party till a Baxendale has arrived"-Charles Schofield

"Please"-Jamie Belcher



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