Stop FUSD from adding English strand to Sunset Dual Immersion Elementary School

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Sunset Elementary, this school has a wonderful program unlike any other. The entire school is focused on teaching children in English and Spanish. Most students are transfer students from all over town (and even out of town). Our parents all have the same goal: to ensure their children grow up to be bilingual. Sunset is more than just a school for all of our families. We value the two way program and would like to keep it the way it is. There is no secret that programs like ours are increasing not just in California, but nationally. Two way programs are growing rapidly in San Francisco, San Jose, L.A., Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Miami, and many more to mentioned few cities. San Francisco even had an initiative where voters passed to offer two way programs in all school throughout San Francisco. This program has plenty of research backing it up that proves it is one of the most powerful and effective program offered to our students. Just recently, we received a phone call from Hansen saying that FUSD is working toward better graduation rates. According to Collier and Thomas, students in these programs have better graduation rates than those that were not in the program. Ewing and Leavenworth are doing great the way they are, and we can see it, but just imagine having a strong two way program school, and not just a small part of the school. We are asking for your support, our numbers are low at Sunset, because of transportation issues. If FUSD would treat Sunset as what it is, a Magnet School, our numbers will increase and you will not be sorry. We have to provide our Central Valley Kids with better opportunities to see far beyond here. By allowing them to be bilingual, we are giving them opportunities to seek better plans for their future. We are creating a strong base for their learning. There is plenty of research that proves that two way programs are effective. We understand the overcrowding at our sister schools, and a solution to this would be to build another elementary school. Offer transportation to any and all students from all schools or at least from our surrounding Edison Region who are interested in our Dual Immersion program. FUSD has the power to help us make the program blossom. The benefits you will see are far than great. We are not asking for diamonds or the stars. We are asking you to help make our students the stars, and have no limits to how far they can dream. We would really appreciate anyone willing to sign this petition to continue to keep Sunset 100% bilingual. Importance of Bilingualism- The intent of TWI/DI programs is to promote native like bilingualism and bi-literacy, achieve grade level academic achievement or higher, and encourage positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors in all students.

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