Change Fresno High School's Mascot

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65% of ALL Native People oppose the use of Native mascots.

Literally THOUSANDS of Native voices have fought the use of Native mascots since 1968. 

This is OUR fight. Our Native People have decidedly spoken out against this gross misuse of our culture.

The Yokuts People inhabited the specific land that Fresno High sits on before that land was taken through genocide, systemic racism and oppression. The use of generic Native imagery as a mascot has not only caused pain to many Natives in the community, it reinforces archaic and racist ideas about Native Americans as violent savages from a bygone era. Images like this have forced many Natives to live in silent shame, to hide from their beautiful culture, due to a misguided effort to honor our People. 

The Fresno High area is rich with tradition; from its lush neighborhoods, to the beautiful Tower District area, Christmas Tree Lane, to its famous alumni. The Warrior spirit of that community comes from its willingness to love, build, and sustain a sense of community. The Warrior model should be explored through a modern angle that better reflects REAL traditions. The "tradition" of racist and insensitive imagery should no longer be tolerated by a community and city that has made strides in recent weeks to change its image when it comes to systemic racism and oppression. 

IT CAN BE DONE!  According to data: "In the period from 1970 until about 2000, some 600 of 2,500 institutions using such (Native American) designations made changes (Blankenship 2001: 455)." 

This is an OLD issue that needs a fresh, and NEW look.

As a Yokuts man I ask that you help us CHANGE THE MASCOT.

Change the #FresnoHighMascot
Change every #NativeMascot
We are #NotYourMascot