Resignation of Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar after her hate filled tweets

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Randa Jakkar’s hate filled rhetorics on the passing of Barbara Bush on Twitter within hours of her passing says it freedom of speech and that she is a tenured professor at California State University-Fresno and she can’t be fired using the University as her platform to hide behind. As a former alumni of Fresno State, this is not what the University has taught its students.  As a public professor for a state funded university, she had a responsibility to not drag the university into her vile comments and damage the reputation of Fresno State and the City of Fresno, tarnishing it’s reputation throughout national news. 

This professor should not be teaching the future of America with her hate filled rhetoric.   The tax payers of California as well as the rest of the country need to put a stop to such file comments and not hide behind being a tenured professor.  

President Castro needs to hold his employee accountable for vile, hateful comments that has tarnished the university and the community and terminate her as an employee of Fresno State.