Compensation for inadequate services and living standards at Collegelands

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For the last week in particular, the service provided by Collegelands, and Fresh Student Living, has been unacceptable. There has been a number of issues including a loss of wifi for a number of days and an issue in regards to the water supply. We demand a week's worth of compensation as a result.

Despite these issues potentially being out of the staff's control, it is important that Fresh Student Living take responsibility for the ongoing issues that have occured in the last week. The living standards for students in Collegelands has been less that satisfactory. Students here have been left unable to access the online university services which they are paying for, having consequences for some students especially in terms of unnecessary stress. Wifi was not available between the early morning of 8/10/20 and the evening of 9/10/20. In addition to this, hot water was not available between 8/10/20 and 11/10/20, and on 11/10/20 running water was not available all day. 

The most shocking thing is the lack of thought for those self-isolating at the moment. A lack of communication has meant some people have been left without water for an entire day, as they are unable to leave their flat to collect bottled water. The option to get water delivered to their door was not made available as far as I am aware. 

The staffing at the weekends is not adequate, as there is only one security guard on site. Today (11/10/20) when there was no running water, the security guard was unable to help. It shouldn't be his responsibility to deal with all these ongoing issues. If there was adequate staffing the efficiency of dealing with complaints would likely to be much higher and tenant satisfaction would be higher too.

All of these issues have been derived from a flood that happened on 8/10/20. Students affected by this demand answers and an explanation. We expect transparency and a high level of communication between the staff here and ourselves. Most importantly we want to know why this flood happened and whether this is a result of a lack of maintenance. 

This petition isn't trying to personally blame staff at Collegelands, we simply want Fresh Student Living to take responsibility and accept that living standards have not been adequate for the last week, meaning it is only fair to give tenants in this accommodation a week's worth of compensation.

In addition to this we would hope that management would take this oppertunity to re-assess their scenario planning for situations like these. Meaning that hopefully if anything like this happens again, things can be resolved much better and efficiently. Especially in the context of covid, residents who are self-isolating need to be made a priority in terms of improved communication.