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If Fresh and Easy wants to maintain a true green image, they should be willing to part with the plastic that litters the shelves! The most vexing issue with this chain and thier affected "environmentally-freindly" stance is that nasty plastic wrap and other packaging that cannot be recycled that defiles the produce, bread and other sections of the store.

There are alternatives out there: paper wraps, true cellophane, and bio-plastic wraps, such as this one:

I realize that there is a heavy switching cost to this, but there is a cost on the environment that will be more devastating than anything your company's pockets will ever feel.


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Letter to
Tim J.R. Mason CEO/President Fresh and Easy Grocery Stores
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Fresh and Easy Grocery Stores.

Stop using plastic packaging, and stop pre-packaging produce

Help spread this message! get your friends and family to sign this petition! If we can change Fresh and Easy, maybe we can change Trader Joe's, Safeway, and other retail food market giants!

said hopefully,
Aaron Jacob Willman