Prevent Trout Lake environmental damage from the intensification at Happy Summer Village

Prevent Trout Lake environmental damage from the intensification at Happy Summer Village

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Trout Lake Campers Association started this petition to Gisèle Pageau (Mayor - French River) and

The Municipality of French River is planning to pass an amendment to the Zoning By-law 2014-23.  The amendment will include a new zoning definition for park model trailers, and a license fee for certain trailers on private property.   We wish to express our concern and dismay regarding the inclusion of a definition of Park Model Trailers in the by-law.  This inclusion will, in effect, pave the way for the large-scale development which is occurring at Happy Summer Village on Trout Lake.  The developer has expressed the intention to expand the current cabins & trailer park to 37 "cottages" in Phase One and a target of 140+ "cottages" which actually are large park model trailers, in future phases.  In addition, the developer plans on building a marina style wharf to support all the boats for each of the trailers next summer.  The developer also plans to build a water park in the bay in front of the property all in the lake's pickerel spawning ground.

There are many reasons why this amendment should not be approved, the most important being the fact that Trout Lake was deemed “over-developed” by the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1977, and all future development was frozen. No studies have been completed to assess the potential effects of this development on Trout Lake in light of current conditions.

The potential negative impact to Trout Lake from this large development is very concerning.

For brevity, we are itemizing some of the issues here:

1.      Lakes containing lake trout, including Trout Lake, require special protections, which do not seem to be in place, to protect lake trout habitat, which is already under pressure.

2.      Trout Lake was deemed “over-developed” by MNR and has been frozen for development since 1977, yet this development is moving forward.

3.      Environmental damage/impact  – risks from septic system, spills and shoreline damage could affect water quality, wetland habitat, wildlife, species at risk including Blanding’s Turtles, and the potential for blue-green algae affecting the drinking water source is significant.

4.      The need for a large marina, adjacent to the pickerel spawning area, and other proposed amenities such as a water park.

5.      Environmental damage to shoreline caused by boat wakes, and a large marina being developed to support the large boats associated with the development.

6.      Boating safety at the narrowest part of the lake – increased numbers, size, inexperienced users, impaired boaters

7.      Partying and noise affecting quality of life, peace and quiet.

8.      Potential use as Air B & Bs – transient tourists with no responsibility to protect the lake.

9.      The Rural zoning does not support intensification of development, but development continues to grow – replacing cabins and campsites with park model trailers is not an equal substitution of use.

10.     The current development using Park Model Trailers was allowed to progress despite the current by-law restricting it.

Given the environmental sensitivity and natural heritage features of Trout Lake, the fact that it is currently well above capacity and physical constraints of this area of the lake, the massive proposed intensification and disruption is endangering the sustainability of the lake and public safety.

Please make the right decision.  Do not approve this by-law amendment which will endanger Trout Lake, one of the jewels in French River.  The things we value at Trout Lake, peace and quiet, relaxation, nature, conservation, and responsible management of this resource, are at risk.  Act now, before it is too late.

If the wrong decision is made it will have permanent negative “neighborhood effects” to Trout Lake, its environmental features and its species, its cottagers, year-round residents, taxpayers and voters.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!