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Last month our government in France had assured us that they wanted to organise a moratorium on all new surveillance measures affecting Internet data before incorporating them in upcoming legislation (Bill on equality between women and men, legislation to strengthen the fight against prostitution system, the bill on consumer law).

Then, on the 10th of december, French legislators passed the law on military planning and with it - Article 20 : The French version of the « Patriot Act  »

Not only the military, but now also our Ministry of Finance and the Interior Ministry will be able to spy on all electronic communications, without a prior court order.

Jérémy Zimmerman of the netfreedom group La Quadrature du Net said that this piece of legislation is an « incredible aggression against human rights  »

Gilles Babinet, European « Digital Champion » : « This law is the biggest blow to democracy since the laws of exceptions during the Algerian war », « We are on the brink of the digital dictatorship ».

So here we are, France - the birthplace of Human Rights - on the cusp of George Orwell's 1984 ... Help us to act now!

Our fundamental rights are also your fundamental rights - first and foremost : freedom to communicate.

We need ALL NETIZENS to help us convince 60 senators and/or 60 deputies to seize the Constitutional Council so that it may examine the conformity of the text with our fundamental rights. 

Our digital identities belong to each of us individually and our Internet freedoms are non-negotiable.

We the people declare Art 13 (now, Art 20) of the french law on military planning contrary to the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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AP : "Considering the recently uncovered evidence of massive and generalised spying on citizens, the maneuvers of the president and of the government deceive no one," said Philippe Aigrain, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net, a lobby that urges governments to protect personal data and Internet freedom. "This bill sets up a generalized surveillance regime and risks to destroy once and for all the limited trust between citizens and agencies responsible for security."

The Guardian : "The spying clause, part of a new military programming law, comes just weeks after France, which considers individual privacy a pillar of human rights, expressed outrage at revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been intercepting phone calls in France. The president, François Hollande, expressed his "extreme reprobation"."


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