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No More Hazardous Exposure to Smoke

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Today I walked into school watching dozens of students wearing dust masks and many more coughing. No, this is not just a petition so that students can get off school and have a free day; this is to secure the health and wellbeing that we all deserve. The effects of this wildfire smoke is much worse than we think, aside from already exacerbating the damages of those with lung conditions (i.e asthma, lung disease), this wave of chemicals is deteriorating the health of everybody.

Beneath the minor aggravating health effects- itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and nauseating odor-, online articles are reporting that the new influx of smoke will be devastating to our students: "They go deep into the lungs, to the alveoli, and the smallest ones can even get into the bloodstream.” (KQED Bay Area News) As a result, everybody will be subject to horrible long term health conditions, as this fire smoke directly causes bronchitis, pneumonia, and in extreme cases- heart attacks and strokes. 

While these pernicious health conditions may not be visible now, if we continue to expose our students to conditions- already deemed hazardous by the National Air Quality Index ( our students will begin to develop alarming symptoms that will greatly harm them.

We understand that the Fremont School District is trying their best to prevent exposure to these dangerous conditions (i.e prevent after school activities, sending messages to parents about the harmful smoke), and we understand that many in the educational department have their student's best interests at heart, but students are still being subject to these toxins every single day.

Even if their children are being heavily affected by the smoke, parents are unwilling to allow students to stay home, in fear that students will miss out on important tests or assignments in school- this goes for the students themselves as well.

Why should students have to choose between academics and their health?     

 Give students the choice to protect their safety and wellbeing, stop sending our kids outside in chemical smoke now.


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