Fremont County School District #25 Mask Variance

Fremont County School District #25 Mask Variance

April 6, 2021
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Fremont County School District #25
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christa Hauser

 Please sign and help our schools and students go back to normal.

On March 16, 2021 Governor Gordon allowed almost all of the Covid 19 restrictions to expire, but left the mask mandate within the public schools.

So far 4 school districts in Wyoming (Niobrara, Platte, Weston counties and Goshen county) have applied for, and have been granted, a variance against these restrictions. This allows the students and the staff the option to chose whether or not they want to wear a mask. We are asking that our school board and our county health officer do the same - apply for a variance to no longer require masks within the schools.

The State Health Officer has the authority to grant this variance, and may also revoke it based on current statistics within our county.

There has been an email sent requesting a special meeting for this topic to be discussed and for our district to apply for the variance. This petition will be provided to the superintendent and board members.

You do not need to be a parent of a student to sign this petition, only a resident of Fremont county school District #25.

Please also email the superintendent and school board members


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Signatures: 244Next Goal: 500
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