YES Better shelters, NO HNC!

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Mei Bao
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     If you are a Fremont resident, if you want to live in a safe and quiet neighborhood, if you don’t want to go anywhere with fear, if you care about your community, your children and your environment, please sign this petition and help us to get as many signatures as you possibly can.

      The city is executing a plan to build a Homeless Navigation Center in Fremont to accommodate homeless people and soon it will attract many more of them to Fremont from nearby cities, if this plan is not stopped.  HNC has low-barrier thresholds for entry with adults only.

      Let’s all stand up together to go against this program.  We don’t want this HNC to be built anywhere in Fremont, not this year, not in the future!

No HNC in Fremont!

Let’s make Fremont safe again!