Publicly owned land in Fremantle petition

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A petition calling for a moratorium on the sale of Fremantle publicly owned land to private developers.

Available land near our City centre is at a premium because it is accessible to public transport and walking distance to shops and other amenities.

At present our City has a few vacant sites of publicly owned land, destined to be sold to private developers. Some of this land is owned by the State government, and some by the City of Fremantle. It used to have mostly social value, but now seems to have only financial value.

Once the land is sold to private developers, it will be lost to the community forever.

These are our assets and we should have a say in whether selling them to private developers purely to retire civic debt is really in the best interests of the community.

We are all aware of the rise of homelessness in our streets and the increase in poverty, which leads to terrible costs to our society. Research is showing a great need for affordable housing and facilities, not only for the visible homeless but all those at risk of homelessness.

For the last 30 years the policy of selling publicly owned land to private developers has significantly contributed to the lack of affordable housing in our City.

We are petitioning for a moratorium on the sale of our publicly owned land before it is too late. Let's stop this practice which has contributed so much to social disadvantage and inequality.